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05 April 2013 @ 09:24 am
Since Apr 1 (yeah, April fools) our Train Mass Transport schedule was change, but hell ~ it's totaly stuupid and impossible!!
Not only expensive for a mass transport, but their service are poor. Can you imagine on peak hours during 5-6 only available 2-3 schedule? We're not talking hundreds but thousands passangers are neglected. Not even mention than 1 schecule always, i repeat ALWAYS late (read: not showing up)
Meanwhile on media their proudly state that 'now gap time only 7min' *my ass*

I hate to say why they copy Singapore or China system when our facility and human resources are not ready!
I'm gladly will blame the Train Company Director for his briliant and capitalist brain.
24 June 2012 @ 12:15 pm
This week was tough, but finally i can made a decision.
A friend said to me that life it's only happen once that's why our life should be beautiful & meaningful
I started to realizing it months ago, but i decided to hold on.

Finally i understand why my colleague left my division earlier
At first i felt hurt why he leave me alone, and he didn't say much.
We still hang out together even after he leave.
But deep in my heart, i still don't understand him. He just said that only himself that can understand because it's was his decision, he don't want me to understand his ego, because it's part of his pride eventough we're just a normal salary man.

Now i understand that..
I always cherish my job. As a marketing person, information, idea, quick action and creativity is important.
But since my new superior came here, i feel like i'm just following order. I'm not a Robot.
He never listen to any of our opinion, WTH?
He always said "That's not priority", should i be a manager first then he willing to listen?

Since my last boss, I'm the only one in my team who still hangin on this company.
So i have the most experience in my division. In the end, he blame be again and again and he said i'm not remind him well.
Bullshit, he just sitting right beside me. I talk to him more than often.
Now when everything went wrong. He blame me? He even not let me join the negotiation.
I said 'I WAS, i called you, i mailed you!'
He said 'You're not trying hard enough, you know i'm busy'
Oh my GOD, his mood just like a child. Seriously ??
It's not like the world is end, there's a chance to fixed this that's why we should use our creativity & stay clam. The right question if worst thing happen is "What should we do now? How to solve this?"
But since he treat me like this?? Hmmp, i will not bother to give him any opinion. After all, he said my fault...

This time i was nearly swear at him. In the end i just went silent, newbies are watching! I don't want to ruin the office atmosphere because of us. Suddenly it hit me, i feel like i'm standing at the same spot as my friend. So this is what you felt that time?
Damn right, It's like a torture..

So, YAP i decide it to leave my job. My shoulder feel lighter!!
If everything going as i planned i will leave this September.

Hopefully i can get a new job soon ^^ *fighting*
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27 April 2012 @ 02:11 pm
I bought the ticket since January and it was such an exciting experience!
I never trying soooo hard just to get a concert ticket.
The venue is not so big that's why getting a VIP ticket was a madness
i'm lucky to get 3 tickets via online on the pre sales day (only for half quota)
Because less than an hour the VIP ticket sold out on that day.
And the next day, after they open the ticket box again, less than a 3 minutes the VIP ticket was out.

And recently i see so many billboard. I can't take my eyes off these gigantic board *of course!!*

OMG 5 days to go!!! *pinch* i'm so ready for L'Arc~en~Ciel concert.

I never imagine that they really would come to Indonesia, it was like a dream for all Indonesian Fans.
i'm a BIG FAN since i was junior highschool.
I'm proud & happy to know that we have so many loyal fans here.

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07 October 2011 @ 10:52 pm
I'm about going to my bed, and when i check my LJ for the last time
Bang! I heard a very very disappointing news from my favorite boyband (actually the only boyband) i ever luv.
Seriously..., i not into boyband before, but somehow i just adore NEWS ^^

Actually it wasn't that bad, at least 4 member still exist, my fave still in and i felt relieved, but..but..but..
first, from now i can count NEWS member only by my single hand
second, we already miss you that much so please be confident, GAMBATTE!! YOU CAN DO IT !
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22 August 2011 @ 10:30 am
OMG my car has back!!

Thanks to my stupidity he got a few scratch >.< last month *sobs*

Before this he already had been scratched by a stupid biker, poor my car~
and i was too lazy to claim the insurance ^^;
Biker attitude in Indonesia is getting worse these days especially in a big city, you need extra patience! 

But i'm glad that my insurace was very helpful, i can fixed both ^^
Now my car looks like a brand new car LOL
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29 April 2011 @ 02:03 pm
Our office will move to the new building, and I am responsible for handling the prospective contractor who will work on the interior. This is actually even more work for me but it does not matter because I love it. 
I always wanted to be an interior designer, now it's only a hobby. That's why when my boss ask me, i'm gladly accept ^^ (damn he knew my long lost ambition. LOL).       

And,  today's agenda is turn the contractors down >.<
Ooh~ i feel bad, breaking the people expectation is always the worst part
but i can't help it, we had meeting last night just to decide which one is better and qualified for the next step.
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04 April 2011 @ 09:24 pm
Home sweet home ~ i miss my room!
Finally, we returned home after 3 DAYS DELAYED FLIGHT ! Dear Lord, Your trial isn't end yet...^^
But look at the bright side, i can celebrate my birthday there, YAAY ..
Really..this trip is really something, so tiring (thanks to delay problem)

As a Moslem going for Umrah is a wonderful experience and if possible, i would love to go again!
Maybe next year? or someday with my future husband? LOL...i hope God hear my second wish.
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22 March 2011 @ 10:51 am
Today i will go for Mecca for pilgrim trip, Umrah. Yaay ~

This trip originally was a gift from our father for me & my brother's college graduation. Since my brother haven't graduate, so i wait for another year so we could go together, four of us.

We suppose to go on February but ..who knows the Lord has another plan, he took my father last month.
That's why this trip is an important trip for us, it's my father's last will..

Thank you Dad!!
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10 February 2011 @ 08:51 pm
This is the first time i open my LJ since 'that' day

In the end, my father
was unable to survive after undergoing surgery
His vital signs has decreased since then

I was speechless when the doctors declared that he's dying...
and said that only the Almighty God's power who can save him now.
I prayed hard until my throat is hurt, but God had another plan for him.

My dad finally passed away last Sunday, Feb 6, 4.30 PM at the age of 56 years.
I never expect he will go so soon.

My mom, me, my brother and some of my families was there until he's gone.
It's hurt a lot ...but now i felt grateful i can be at his side until the last moment.


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05 February 2011 @ 10:20 pm
Waiting for my Dad's 7 hours surgery is awful ~ it's already night and cold here
i don't know if digestive organ surgery would be so complicated, it's not as dramatic as cancer or heart surgery.
But WOW.. our body is amazingly difficult no matter what it is.
When we saw our doctor came out from the room, that was the most relief moment. FINALLY!!

Because the first prediction would be 3 hours...that mean the doctors goes to the 2nd option. 
The troublesome one >.< 
My dad will have a temporary 'hole' for the...you know...the po**  ^^;  (bad explanation)
3 months ahead will be a tough time for his recovery

Now i need a shower A.S.A.P ..
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